Alliance Panafricaine pour le Développement de l'Entrepreneuriat des Femmes

Why ALPADEF was created

While climate change is impacting the world as a whole, some regions have been identified as particularly sensitive to this disruption, such as the Sahel.

These increased risks affect the human aspect, as well as the environment one. As the impacts are centered on resources and climate, some can afford to change their way of life and withstand periods of food or economic stress, while others cannot.

Women in the Sahel are overwhelmingly dependent on the agricultural and food economies, the sectors most threatened by disruption. They also account for the largest share of informal labor, making them even more vulnerable to change.

In addition, there is the responsibility of taking care of the family. It is probably one of the reasons why the African continent has the highest rate of female entrepreneurship in the world (24%). Despite all this, inequalities remain and cost nations dearly. The economies of these countries will not be able to develop sustainably if half the population is deprived of the resources and keys to empowerment. Although the level of gender discrimination in Senegal is lower than in the majority of countries on the African continent, it is still quite high, with a rating of “Medium”.

The development of women’s entrepreneurship, in France and in Africa, is the keystone of economic, solidarity-based and sustainable development. And this is where ALPADEF comes in, the association gives the keys to their future to those directly concerned.