Alliance Panafricaine pour le Développement de l'Entrepreneuriat des Femmes

Training Centre

Presentation of the training centre

In order to have a lasting and positive impact, a commitment from the population is vital, and this can be achieved through training. ALPADEF is here to provide the momentum, but real change must come from the community itself in order to be sustainable. And this is precisely what the training centre for women’s social entrepreneurship, offers. This centre is located on the Gnilman Solidaire eco-camp, itself a model of energy self-sufficiency. The objective is to develop an ecosystem around agroecology and social entrepreneurship that would bring together the local community, especially women, trainers, students, professors and companies in order to build synergies and accelerate the change.

The camp is located 1h30 by car from the airport, near the village of Palmarin, in the heart of the Saloum delta and facing the Atlantic Ocean. It consists of 13 huts and a large common dining room, all restored for optimal comfort. The training centre is located in the heart of this eco-camp and also offers a field for practical work and other applications.

Its Goals

To promote the development of the country through the independence of women. To give them the keys to succeed on their own while safeguarding and protecting the territory’s natural resources. This is a training-action and agro-ecological development project for women living in Sahelian and sub-Saharan Africa, who have an average level of education or who come from a rural environment. ALPADEF is in line with several objectives, including the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals:

  • promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment
  • the economic integration of women
  • integration of women with disabilities
  • bridging the digital divide
  • promotion of family and agro-ecological agriculture from a gender perspective


Training offers

The training centre is primarily aimed at women from the community who wish to learn about social entrepreneurship, although other paid training courses are available on request.

You can consult the training brochure for women from the community HERE (in French). Please note that most of the training courses are only given in French.

For schools or students, you can find the brochure HERE (in French).

And finally, if you are an individual, or a company, we let you contact us directly at


Eco-camp Gnilman

Piste Samba Dia – Palmarin – Djiffer

23 018 – PALMARIN